TB241IB– Object Oriented Programming with Java - Teaching Assistant Vacancy

TU Delft
TA Vacancy
Bachelor & Master
Required language
Dutch, English
Commences at
31 August 2024
Finishes at
29 November 2024


TB241IB– Object Oriented Programming with Java

Teaching Assistant Vacancy

Expected activities

The teaching assistant for the course is expected to:
• Participate during the exercise sessions
• Assist the lecturers in developing the course assignments
• Assists during the grading of the course project and exam (with proper coaching from the
course lecturers)
• Answering student questions on Brightspace

Required skills

The ideal candidate should be:
• Proficient in programming with Java and object-oriented programming
• Proficient in English (as it would be the working/teaching language)
• A software engineering/computer science background is desirable but not mandatory

The course will take place in Q1 (September to November) + some preparation time prior to the
course in August. We are looking for someone able to contribute for 40 to 60 hours distributed
across 10 weeks (on average 4- 6h/week).

Your activity could be a mix of fixed (e.g. lab sessions) and flexible hours (e.g. Q/A with students,
support with the development/correction of assignments) according to your will, skills and
availability. The distribution of hours across weeks needs to be discussed with the course lecturer based on
the chosen TAs duties.

Contact information
The contact point for this vacancy is Dr. Sepinoud Azimi (s.azimirashti@tudelft.nl)
To apply for the position send an e-mail the aforementioned address with the subject [TB241IB] –
TA Vacancy to express interest. You will be then contacted the course lecturer to discuss further

Deadline for the vacancies
Multiple vacancies are available. The deadline for this vacancy is Friday 21 July 2024.