Educational News - Built & Spatial Development track


In recent years, the Bachelor Programme and the Master CoSEM have had four technological tracks. One of the tracks was the Built Environment & Spatial Development track. It has now been decided to discontinue the track. The first argument for doing so revolves around the small number of students that opt for the track. The other reason is that the technical component of the track is underdeveloped in comparison with the other
tracks. Of course, this year’s first-year students who have chosen for the track can complete it as usual. From September 2018 onwards, bachelor students will not be able to choose the track anymore. One year later, from September 2019 on, the track will also be discontinued for the Master CoSEM. Fortunately for bachelor B&S students there are a lot of other Master programme possibilities. For example, the master Construction Management and Engineering (CME) might suit your wishes.