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At Teqplay we’re passionate about all things related to the maritime industry, innovation, technology and data. We’re looking for enthusiastic students who share the same drive! We have challenging assignments, excellent coaching and an experienced international team with lots of fun traditions and habits, like foosball competition, joint lunch, team weekend in the Ardennes.

Challenge: Develop an economic model for costs and risks in port calling
Subject: Cost model for port calling
Assignment: In the transport of cargo the cost of the port call have a significant impact on the actual cost and risks. Eventually, this leads to higher costs of goods. The goal is to develop a model that provides insight in the exposure to cost and risk in a port call. The model will support the users with insight in the exposure on different types of cost involved, related to the time needed in the port call (potentially taking into account the probability of events).
Field of study: WO/University Economics/Econometrics
Who: Graduation Internship

Challenge: Develop a model for a feasible distribution of cost / benefits of Virtual Arrivals
Subject: Virtual Arrival
Assignment: Virtual arrival is a hot topic in the maritime industry, in the current contracts the SFTW (Sail Fast Then Wait) behavior is strongly encouraged. However, what is needed to make terminals, shipping lines and others change this behavior and collaboratively plan Virtual Arrivals.In order to change the behavior it requiers new contractual agreements, including the split of the savings/cost. In this research you will have a look at what has been researched and you are strongly invited to develop a model that encourages the behavior of virtual arrival for all parties involved.
Field of study: WO/University Economics/Econometrics
Master in Supply chain management
Master Shipping & Transport
Who: Graduation Internship

Challenge: Who pays for the new emissions regulations and who is at risk?
Subject: Emissions
Assignment: New regulations to reduce greenhouse emissions have been introduced. The exact allocation
of the emissions is not yet 100% decided upon. In this explorative research we are looking to
understand the regulations and create a model that helps the actors to understand their
Field of study: WO/University Economics/TBM-TIL
Who: Graduation Internship

Challenge: Emission Breakdown (behavior, steps in the supply chain)
Subject: Emissions
Assignment: Emissions heavily depend on the actual behavior of vessels. We have a database that provides insight in the actual behavior of vessels, on voyages and in port. We are looking for a model that supports the users in understanding the emissions in each of the steps of the process.
Field of study: WO/University Economics/TBM-TIL
Who: Graduation Internship

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