Consultant Oracle

Required language
Dutch, English


CORE consultant with focus on Oracle ERP systems. At Deloite. 

What impact will you make? 

Once the world opens up you will spend a lot of time at the client location so that any questions  your team or client has are easily and efficiently solved through an ad hoc meeting. The other hours  you can choose to work at the office together with your colleagues, or to work from home if you  don’t feel like commuting. The day starts with a team standup for your current project, where you  discuss the progress of the project and challenges you face. Then, together with your manager, you  will prepare for an Oracle workshop which will be given to your client to discuss the challenges they  might face during implementation of their new Oracle Fusion Cloud environment. Afterwards, you  will have a coffee break with your manager to reflect on your first glance of being an Oracle  consultant in action. 

You spend your lunchbreak walking and looking for the best sandwich bar with your fellow  consultants. After your lunch you are fully recharged to continue preparations for the IT audit  interviews for another client. The last time you worked on an IT audit you audited the Oracle E business suit application of a client. However, this time it is actually an Oracle cloud system which  needs to be audited, which you have never seen before. Luckily your senior is there to give you  pointers and guide the interviews. You free up the last part of your day to work on a team-building  activity you are organizing within your industry team, before you head into your weekend. 

You come home from a challenging but rewarding day. Just like most others, this day contributes to  your steep learning curve and the quickly increasing responsibilities fuel your ambition. Not to  mention that your ever-growing knowledge in your fields of expertise is much appreciated by your  clients, whom you interact with professionally and on a regular basis. 

This is how 

As a consultant with a focus on Oracle ERP systems, your passion lies in helping organizations with  optimizing their risk management within their IT related business processes and learning more about  Oracle ERP systems. With help of a team of senior colleagues you will be building a foundation to  understand different IT environments and the Oracle ERP systems, to help clients with possible  problems with their risk management related challenges. You will by doing through training and a lot  of on the job learning. Together with your team, you will finish parts of the projects that you work  on, to ultimately successfully implement a control framework, finish an IT audit report, or complete  a risk assessment. During your time as consultant, you have enough time and space to continuously  learn and enhance (new) skills, while learning on the job and from your fellow colleagues.  Accordingly, your continuously growing understanding of multiple Oracle ERP systems will ensure  that none of your clients are left with overuse of Diagnostics Utility, nor will they have any 

segregation of duties conflicts in their responsibilities. Deloitte serves a wide range of clients, from  start-ups, to governmental organizations, to world class corporations, but with a focus on Oracle you  will quickly end up at our larger clients. 

What we offer 

A competitive salary; 

• A development program that allows you to continually develop; 

• A work-from-home office setup allowance to make sure you have everything you need for  an ergonomically-correct workstation; 

• Flexible working hours, you are in charge of your own agenda; 

• 26 days of paid annual leave, and the opportunity to purchase additional leave days; • The option to exchange three national holidays for three non-national holidays; • A laptop, which is also for personal use; 

• A good pension scheme with a personal contribution of only 2%. 

• An overtime policy that allows you to receive compensation for overtime; • An opportunity to take part in our collective health insurance scheme; 

• An opportunity to benefit from tax-efficient facilities such as company fitness and a bicycle  scheme. 

What you offer 

If you like the challenge of the above function description and meet the following profile criteria, we  would like to meet you! 

• Passion for advising clients in the area of IT risk management; 

• You work well in a team and know how to manage your time and work; 

• Eagerness to learn and develop yourself; 

• Enterprising with good communication skills; 

• Fluent in writing and speaking English (Dutch is a great advantage); 

• You are result-oriented, stress resistant; 

• A completed university degree; (IT-related is a pré) 

• Experience with or interested in Oracle ERP systems; 

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