TPM Employees

The Curius membership for employees

Study Association Curius is proud to announce that from this moment on employees can become a member of Curius as well! Would you like to receive the Consul Magazine and have more possibilities of being in contact with students?

Study Association Curius is the official study association of the TPM faculty. With over 1500 members (all students at the moment), 12 “Friends of Curius”, 9 Members of Honour and a lot of professionals who were a member of Curius it has a large network. Curius organises a large diversity of events throughout the year, varying from a Management symposium and lunch lectures with companies to introduction events for masters and bachelors and the Research symposium.

What Curius can do for you:

- Receive the Consul 2 times a year.
- Receive a quartelrly update of Curius for TPM staff in your mail box.
- Active help with organising events for students.
- The possibility of buying books.
- Contact with students at the Curius office.
- Possibility of attending Curius events.

Are you interested or do you want more information? Come by at our office, go to our website or approach us somewhere at the faculty!

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