• 03-12

    Zoom 74th General Meeting

    The 74th General meeting will start at 12:45h. You can you the Zoom with the following link.

  • 01-12

    Sinterklaas challenge

    Find the 15 peppernuts (pepernoten) on the Curius website and form two words that form a Sinterklaas concept together in the following format: " _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ ". Send your answer before Friday 12:00 to for a fantastic prize. The winner will be anounced on the instagram live session of Sinterklaas Friday at 4 PM. 

  • 25-11

    Zoom 73rd General Meeting

    The 73rd General meeting will start at 20:00h. You can you the Zoom with the following link.

  • 25-09

    Career Pages Updated!

  • 03-09

    Online Onderwijs Vragenuurtje!

    Vragen of feedback over onderwijs of juist iets heel anders? Klik hier om het vragenuurtje van deze week te joinen!



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