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Government Changes: What does that mean for the students?

On the 10th of October 2017, the Dutch government presented new plans for the coming years called a government agreement. In this agreement, the government also showed their point of view with respect to academic education for the next four years. This brings about several changes for the students and we will highlight some interesting developments. First, students are still required to loan money for their studies instead of getting a contribution from the government. Interesting to note here is that the two government parties promised to make sure the students get a contribution during the elections. Furthermore, the interest rate of the loans is going up which means all the students together will pay 225 million euros extra. There is also a bright side to the government agreement. Students get 50 % discount on their first-year tuition fees! This saves you approximately 1000 euros in your first year! For more information on the government agreement, a poster on this topic is displayed at the Curius office.