-- For an updated overview of the master programmes you can start after Technische Bestuurskunde, have a look at our master brochure on the education news page. -- 

Welcome to the master section of the Curius website. This section is for students who are looking for a master programme or students who are currently following a master programme at the TPM faculty. This section provides information on the contents of the programmes, choices that have to made during the master programmes, and the latest developments surrounding master education.

The TPM faculty offers four master programmes: Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM), Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA), Management of Technology (MoT), and Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL). 

Students who finished the TPM bachelor, can also switch to the master Construction Management and Engineering (CME), and Transport and Planning (T&P). CME is a cooperative programme between the faculties CiTG, TPM, and Architecture. T&P is a master track offered by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Additional courses need to be followed prior to switching to T&P.

Students who finished the TPM bachelor can also enrol for the master Science Education and Communication combined with the Education and Communication track. The Education and Communication track educates students to become a first grade teacher in math, physics, chemistry, or computer science. The Communication track educates students to become an engineer in Science Communication.

If you have any questions related to education which cannot be found on this website or the TU Delft website, please contact the programme director.

Master programs: