Welcome to the master section of the Curius website. This section is for students who are looking for a master programme or students who are currently following a master programme at the TPM faculty. This section provides information on the contents of the programmes, choices that have to made during the master programmes, and the latest developments surrounding master education.

In the academic year 2019-2020 a master brochure was created that provides a good overview of all options if you are a TPM bachelor students. You can dowload this brochure by clicking here

TPM master programmes

TPM has three core master programmes: CoSEM, EPA and MoT. More information on these master programs can be found here.

  • Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM)
  • Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)
  • Management of Technology (MoT)

There also masters from TPM in cooperation with other faculties/universities

  • Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL).
    • TIL is a cooperative MSc programme between the faculties TPM, CiTG and 3mE. More information about this master programme can be found here. Dispuut Verkeer is a master association with a student board who organize events for the TIL students. For more information, check their website.
  • Industrial Ecology (IE)
    • A cooperation between TPM and Leiden University.
  • Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
    • Unfortunately it is not possible to switch to this master for TPM bachelor students
  • Construction Management and Engineering (CME)
    • CME is a cooperative programme between the faculties TPM, CiTG and Architecture.

Other common choices for TPM Bachelor students within the TU Delft

  • Transport and Planning (T&P)
    • T&P is a master track offered by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Additional courses need to be followed prior to switching to T&P.
  • Water management
    • Offered by the faculty Civil Engineering, for more information about this program click here.
  • Science Education and Communication combined with the Education and Communication track
    • The Education and Communication track educates students to become a first grade teacher in math, physics, chemistry, or computer science. The Communication track educates students to become an engineer in Science Communication.


In the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) you can find all the information on the rules that are applicable for the education and exams of the masters of TPM. As a student it is good to scan this document, to know your rights. For example all the information about Cum Laude.