In the third year of your bachelor, you will take a minor of your choice in the first semester (Q1 & Q2)! A minor is a coherent subject package of 30 ECTS. That's half a year of your studies. So it's a great opportunity to look beyond your own studies and broaden your horizons! You can choose between different minors. Below we give you a small overview.

Minor TU Delft

You can choose from selection and non-selection minors at TU Delft, but it is also possible to take a minor at another university or even abroad. These minors are called thematic minors. For selection minors, the application procedure starts earlier, keep this in mind! You can register for a minor via MyTUDelft!

Registration for non-selection minors is based on a draw.

There are also opportunities to take a free minor, where you compile your own subject package or do an external project. This does have more stringent requirements. 

The general information page on minors offered by TU Delft can be found here. 

When choosing a minor at Leiden University, please note that some minors take a year instead of a semester. One semester equals two quarters. If you would like to take a one-year minor at Leiden University, it is advisable to start with your Bachelor Final Project in Q1. 

Free minor

Students of the Faculty of Technology Administration can compose a free minor and include it in his or her examination programme after approval by the TBM Examination Board. As mentioned earlier, this is subject to stricter requirements and an extensive procedure. More information about the free minor can be found here. 

The requirements for the free minor are as follows*

  • The subject package of at least 30 EC must be at post-propaedeutic level and provided by a university programme (at home or abroad);
  • The content of the courses should be interrelated (in relation to a theme);
  • The subject package may not exceed
    • 6 EC of introductory (first-year) subjects;
    • Have 3 EC overlap with the major;
    • Contain 3 EC skills courses;
  • Master's subjects from TU Delft are never allowed;
  • Language courses are in principle not allowed.

For an external project, other requirements apply. 

Applying for a free minor consists of the following steps

  1. Determine your preference for a coherent subject package, and/or an external project and determine whether you want to go abroad. Name the theme.
  2. In the case of a foreign university or project, check the Study Abroad site and contact the International Office staff.
  3. Complete the application form free minor.
  4. Note: if you are doing a thematic minor at another university, fill in the correct name of this minor, as this name will appear on your diploma supplement.
  5. Go to the cluster coordinator that best matches the subject of your minor (see the list below). This will take care of approving the consistency of content. In case of doubt, contact the cluster coordinator of your domain.
  6. If the relevant cluster coordinator cannot be reached for a longer period of time, please contact the programme director of the TA programme (Jan Anne Annema - j.a.annema@tudelft.nl).
  7. Send the fully completed and signed form digitally to the secretary of the Examination Board for assessment before the Examination Board (examencommissie-TBM@tudelft.nl). 

*For up-to-date information, always check the TU Delft and TBM faculty websites. 

Minor abroad

During your BSc, there is the possibility to study abroad. This way, you can take subjects that you can use as a minor. You should always apply early for minors abroad. The information is often offered around October, so keep an eye on Brightspace around that time!

  • More information can be found on studyabroad.tudelft.nl and the faculty-specific website. 
  • For questions about minors abroad, please contact international officer Toke Hoek after reading studyabroad.tudelft.nl. 

Switching minors

A transition minor offers students an entry opportunity into a master's programme other than their 'transfer master's programme' (the follow-up master's programme in the same discipline as the bachelor's programme).