In the year 2009-2010, the Binding Study Advice (BSA) was introduced at all TU Delft bachelor's programmes, including Technische Bestuurskunde. The BSA means that first-year students must obtain a minimum of 45 ECTS to be admitted to their second year. If you fail to achieve this standard, you will be automatically deregistered from and unable to register for the Bachelor's of Applied Sciences for four years. The 45 ECTS you have to pass must be part of the propaedeutic year of Technical Public Administration. Subjects from the 2nd and 3rd years and electives will therefore not count.

If you deregister from the TB bachelor's programme before 1 February, the BSA will lapse. You can then reapply the following year. If you deregister after 1 February, you will be subject to the BSA. When deregistering, please note the statutory 'waiting month', which means that in practice you have to deregister via Studielink before 31 December.

Postponement of the BSA

Personal circumstances are taken into account when implementing the BSA. You may be granted that postponement of the BSA. These circumstances are granted if it can be assumed that, had these circumstances not occurred, you would have met the standard. So personal circumstances do not lead to a postponement of the BSA in advance. It is important to report personal circumstances to the study advisor as soon as possible, so he or she can check with you whether these circumstances affect your study results.

Please note that postponing the BSA does not mean that you no longer need to meet the BSA. You will then have to pass your BSA again the following year, which means that you still have to obtain 45 ECTS from your propaedeutic year in addition to the points you had already obtained before the postponement of BSA.

For more information on the BSA and how to apply for a BSA extension, please visit this TU Delft website.