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About Van Loenen Consultancy B.V.

Join our mission: making customers more successful!

Van Loenen Consultancy is an agency with process and systemically thinking technicians who guide and support ambitious, appealing clients. We optimize their business processes and information management in engineering and production. Making customers more successful: that is our mission! We are active in the maritime manufacturing industry, the civil engineering sector (government, engineering firms and contractors), energy transition and water management.

Systems Engineering pioneers since 2008

We organize the complete data information needs of our clients. We work closely with our client but also with our internal colleagues, often in a multidisciplinary team. Part of our work is making an investigation of the information needs, modeling and implementing the processes. The Systems Engineering methodology is the common thread in this. We also supply matching tooling to support the elaborated processes. This can be done by adapting the existing tooling (often Relatics) or by implementing our self-developed tool Datastorms.

Join the ride

Students from TU Delft have been supporting us since 2016. We offer motivated students a job that can be flexibly combined with their studies. We are mainly looking for students who are in the final phase of their bachelor's degree or are working on their master's. The study is the priority, we make agreements per period regarding working with us.

We are very happy with graduates who choose to stay with us as a consultant even longer. Of course, others are also welcome! We offer an informal, family atmosphere. The growth opportunities are enormous. We are happy to look for assignments that match your interests and expertise.