Methis Consulting


About Methis Consulting

Methis Consulting was founded in 2007 as a niche player in business consulting, focusing specifically on the energy market, the water sector and public transport. Over the years, this focus has been translated into the day-to-day efforts of a growing team, led by skilled and experienced consultants who have an unique knowledge of the market.

As a result, an increasing amount of Belgian and Dutch businesses have placed their trust in our services, and we are able to demonstrate our vigour through the actual results that we have achieved.

“The Methis Consulting way”

We are completely convinced that results for our clients can only be achieved by applying these fundamental principles:

  • Working exclusively with our talented (in-house) staff: for Methis, quality always takes precedence over quantity. This is reflected in the recruitment and constant development of truly top talent.
  • Focus on the energy sector and public transport: due to this specialization Methis has built a profound and unique level of intrinsic expertise. This expertise enables us to make the difference in defining and implementing the right solutions for our clients. The facts that Methis is active in both the Netherlands and Belgium enables us to share best practices across borders. This broad perspective facilitates the implementation of better solutions.
  • Partnership model: chances of success and achieving results greatly depends on a good understanding between Methis Consulting and our clients. In practical terms this means: assessing expectations profoundly on both ways, conducting open and transparent discussions, ensuring continuity in the Methis Consulting team and taking an overall approach in which we operate as a united team.

Our values:

  • “Integrity”: open, honest communication is the key to successful collaboration. At Methis Consulting, we strive to take this value to all of our company’s stakeholders: clients, staff and partners.
  • “Pursuit of Excellence”: the ongoing quest for operational excellence throughout our projects is one of our fundamental values at Methis Consulting. We aim to provide tangible added value for our clients and distinguish ourselves from our competition.
  • “Care for people”: to continue motivating our consultants, Methis Consulting creates a challenging work environment, combined with individual coaching, a personalised training plan and a healthy work-life balance.
  • “Expertise”: through the many years of project experience gained by our consultants, we have built up a wealth of far-ranging expertise in the energy industry and public transport sector. We continue to expand this knowledge through internal analyses, lectures and specific training courses.
  • “Teaming”: results can only be achieved if everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. For this reason, Methis Consulting always makes every effort to work as a single team on assignments. This also applies to working with the client’s staff and any other parties that may be involved.

Phonenumber:  +31 767 676 339