Members of Honour

During the last 30 years a handful of people have been of exceptional value for Curius. It is an honour and a privilege that these persons have accepted their position as honorary member of S.V.T.B. Curius. One of the duty’s stowed upon the honorary members is to provide each new board with some much needed advice in making their year the best yet!

Ir. S. Hart de Ruyter (Sander)
Sander has been connected with Curius from the very beginning. In his enthusiasm for our study and in organising activities, he founded the study association Curius, not knowing what could become of this action. During his term as president of the “Oprichtingsbestuur” (founding board) he was responsible for creating the foundation of our association as we know it. Sander now holds a position at PostNL.

 Ir. N. van Hermon (Nikaj)
Nikaj was co-founder of Curius and held the position of secretary in the “Oprichtingsbestuur” (founding board). Nikaj is the founder of the Curius database. This important piece of information is used frequently by the board and commissions to this very day. Nikaj now holds a position at PostNL Real Estate.

Ir. N. van Drimmelen (Niels)
Co-founder Niels held the position of Treasurer in the “Oprichtingsbestuur” (founding board). He gave the association a healthy economic basis, which gave Curius all the means of growing rapidly and making a stand between much bigger and older associations. Niels started working at ING after his graduation. After a few years he decided to become an entrepreneur and is now co-owner of  the company Bitbrains.

 Ir. W. van Daal (Wouter)
As Commissioner of Education in the “Oprichtingsbestuur” (founding board), Wouter had to work with a brand new study in Delft and all of its teachers and students. His efforts have been the basis of the good relationship that Curius has with the faculty. Wouter holds a position at Schiphol Group. His enthusiasm has led to many warm welcomes for TPM students at Schiphol for trips, activities and internships.

Dr. Ir P.W.G. Bots (Pieter)
Pieter Bots was involved in the establishment of the faculty and in the creation of the study contents of Technische Bestuurskunde. From 2001 until 2003 Pieter was appointed director of education at TPM. Pieter Bots is not only important for the faculty, but also for the study association. He is responsible for finding the best name for our association: Curius! Each year he provides the association and its board with advice.

Prof. Dr. H.G. Sol (Henk)
Prof. dr. Sol was dean of TPM when Technische Bestuurskunde was founded in 1992. He filled this position with much passion and dedication till 2003. During his term, prof. dr. Sol has been open to all initiatives from Curius and has helped tremendously in the growth of the association.  

Prof. Dr. T. Toonen (Theo)
Theo Toonen was the dean of TPM from 2008 - 2015 and has contributed much to the growth and professional development of Curius. One of the most memorable contributions is the realisation of the TB-Cafe in 2009. 

Ir. W. Dik (Wim) †
Wim Dik has accomplished a lot during his long career. Wim Dik was Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Chairman of the board of directors at KPN, a large Dutch telecom company. Wim Dik has provided Curius with advice and his extended network, which was extremely useful for the organisation of the Management Workshops and Event organized by Curius.