Vote on the 23rd and 24th of May!

18 May 2018

On the 23rd and 24th of May, you get to vote for ORAS and Lijst Bèta and decide who will be your representatives in the Central Student Council of the TU Delft. Furthermore, you can vote for the FSC. Here, we will clearify these parties.

Oras is the largest and oldest party in the Central Student Council. ORAS has a special focus on personal development through extracurricular activities, but we think qualitative education and supporting facilities are equally important. The goal of ORAS is to create an environment in which students can excel and become excellent engineers in their field. More information can be found on .

Lijst Bèta is one of the two parties in the Central Student Council of Delft University of Technology. By prioritizing education and its continuous improvement, we want to represent all students; national and international. Our day-to-day operations, decisions and initiatives are based on a long-term vision about education at Delft University of Technology.  More information can be found on .

There is also another important election, where you can vote for the student representatives within the faculty: the Faculty Student Council (FSC) elections! As FSC of TPM, we are particularly involved in the policy-making of the faculty when we discuss important issues about education and facilities with the dean. On the entire campus, we collaborate with members of the Central Student Council and other FSC’s to help each other out with problems in our faculties. But we organize events like the Master Information Lunch as well to give students more information for their study choices. Therefore it is really important that you also vote for your representatives in the faculty.

So don’t forget to vote for the Central Student Council and FSC elections at!