The following researchers will be present and give a presentation at the Research Day with the following subjects:

Dr.ir. I. (Ivo) Bouwmans, Director of Studies of the Bachelor studies Technische Bestuurskunde
Research subjects from latest to oldest: complexity in infrastructures; sustainable energy supply; micro-CHP; application of concentrated solar power; gas market tariffs; application of biomass and hydrogen; reducing the environmental impact of packaging; atmospheric dispersion of air pollution; resource flows in industry; blending of liquids of differing viscosities. 
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor theun baller
Prof.dr. Theun Baller, Interim Dean of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Theun has been Dean of the faculty 3mE since 2012 and has always played an active role in stimulating research. Before becoming Dean, he used to be Program Manager Open Innovation at the TU Delft after spending 15 years at Philips Research.

Rick WolbertusElectricars
PhD researcher Electric Mobility at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology. Research topics include infrastructure roll out policies, infrastructure policies and Alternative Fuel Vehicle adoption.
Rolf van WegbergCybercrime
PhD researcher at the Policy, Organisation, Law & Gaming section. In January 2015 he joined TU Delft as a PhD Candidate at the Economics of Cybersecurity research group. His research is embedded in the MALPAY project, focusing on malware targeting financial services worldwide. Therein he particularly studies the criminal strategies used by cybercriminals and the interactions between these strategies and the (security) policies of the financial service providers. 
Vasiliki DouraliThcaotomorrow
PhD reseaercher at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Before starting in Delft, she used to be a project contractor for the Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) in Athens, where she also graduated from the former Aristotle University of Thessalonikiin Greece.

Angelo VermeulenBottom-udesigof futurdeepspace systems
His multidisciplinary oeuvre crosses over the boundaries of biology, technology and community. Vermeulen won the Witteveen&Bos Art&Technology Award in 2012. He is crew commander of HI-SEAS, a Mars simulation study on improving the nutritional value of space food, funded by NASA. As a TED Senior Fellow he travels the world to share information about his art and scientific projects.
lndushree Banerjee - Facilitatinnetworresiliencfothsustainable developmenosociety
My research interests are catered around facilitating network resilience for the sustainable development of society. The interconnected nature of strongly coupled networked systems, such as the Internet, has created a co-dependence which is bound to have devastating consequences if parts of it are compromised. The main research challenges are providing scalability, reliability and security to the changing network dynamics. My doctoral studies are an attempt to investigate these current challenges of complex distributed infrastructures. Determine and develop models to enhance network resilience and fault tolerance for a scalable and secure future network infrastructure and services. I am interested to analyze and evaluate the complicated interplay between technology, market trends and user requirements for developing sustainable solutions.
Tristan de WildtThselectioovalue-robusmarenergsystems
Tristan’s research focusses on the selection of value-robust smart energy systems. Due to conflicting values in designs, societal concerns may emerge which may influence the institutional and technical stability of smart energy systems and largely affect their performance. Our aim is to propose smart energy systems that are able to cope with these emerging societal concerns. This is done by using agent-based simulation, multi-objective robust optimization and the scenario discovery technique.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor feyzullah cetin tu delft
Orcun CetinEconomicoCybersecurity
PhD researcher at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Graduated in 2010 from Newcastle University and now involved in cybersecurity. They analyze large-scale Internet measurement and incident data to identify how the markets for Internet services deal with security risks.
Haiko van der Voort - Workshop: What tddurinyouPhpresentation
His research is about governance of norms. Related topics are regulation, oversight, enforcement, risk management, certification, and self-regulation. In his research he takes decision making on norms as coordination challenge in a multi-actor context. It becomes complex if institutional borders are crossed, such as borders between the public and the private, organizational borders or functional borders within organizations.
Francisco Xavier FonsecaWorkshop: HotpublisyouPhD
Fransisco is a High-Performance Engineer, so I am interested in GPGPU, embedded programming, multi-threaded highly optimized applications, multi-processor architectures, and, more recently, Participatory Crowd Sensing and Social Engineering.

Pieter Bots


The program will be as following: