E-houseday Magnus Red

Location:  Online
Date:  07 May 13:00  -  17:00
E-houseday Magnus Red

On the 7th of May, Magnus Red will organise an E-inhouse day. All master's students are welcome. Also, you'll recieve a drink and snacks box right at home!

Apply by mailing your resume to extern@curius.nl. When there’s too much interest, participants will be selected by Magnus.

Magnus Red

The energy sector is only at the beginning of an incredible transition. Magnus Red contributes to the creation of an integrated EU energy market and to the further incorporation of renewables in the Dutch and European energy network.

An European energy market
The energy sector is structurally changing. Generation vastly moves to renewables and becomes more and more decentralized. Energy savings and energy storage have full focus. Forecasting becomes a key element, data access and digitalization are a must. And many new players fill in the gaps providing new services in the shifting landscape.

The energy market of the (near) future requires innovation, different skills, new rules & regulations and the involvement of every stakeholder. It is a challenging journey that will force the existing landscape to compromise on the solutions. Magnus Red is convinced that acting and moving forward is more important than designing the perfect solution.

Our services
As a neutral, independent partner, Magnus Red provides solid project & program management, consortium management and business expertise. We feel committed to take risks in order to support our clients in their transition.