Founded in 1990, ESTIEM nowadays counts 79 member universities from 31 countries across Europe having a reach of 60 000 students. Yearly, more than 180 events focusing on academic development, skills development, competitions and intercultural exchanges are being organised across whole Europe.

Below is an overview of relevant activities organized by other local groups throughout Europe. 
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Perestroika Activity Week, Kyiv

 Kyiv           Event date:                 18-04 to 23-04              Apply here
37,50           Application period:   23-02 to 16-03

What if you are standing on the edge of the new epoch?

Imagine that life you got used to, doesn't exist anymore, your future is unpredictable. Instead, you need to adjust to new rules, laws and regulations.

You will experience challenging lifestyle of people, living in Ukraine in 1990s, dig into Eastern European culture and have fun in Slav way.

We want to bring you back in time, when our country was going through significant changes, deficiency of products was a common occurrence and people didn't get any salary for several years. But the biggest values were left - true friends and huge life energy, our youth was daring and wild.

Surely ESTIEMers can also rock Ukrainian capital and get must needed practical skills in life!

Only the craziest accepted. Stay tuned for the updates!

Vision Robotic Process Automation, Porto

 Porto           Event date:                 22-04 to 29-04              Apply here
40,-               Application period:   20-02 to 21-03

Robotic Collaboration!
Robotic Process Automation!
Business Analytics!

These are just a few things you will learn about in this event!

So if you want to know more about Robotic Process Automation and if the future of industry excites you, stay tuned! More news coming soon!

BrainTrainer, 'Marketing Innovation and Design', Madrid

 Madrid        Event date:                 22-04 to 28-04              Apply here
45,-               Application period:   21-02 to 21-03

Early Birds Deadline: 15th March 23:59 CET

Envision it. Picture it. Make it happen!
Ever thought on how images help communication flow?
Do you want to make YOUR projects visual and agile?
Are you ready to market them to the world?

From simple images and pictures to complex diagrams to picture your thoughts, passing through better ways of optimizing your thinking up to how to communicate and sell them! We aim to boost your skills and show you how ideas can be transmitted visually, then perfected and finally marketed. Change your life and others’ with Design and Marketing innovation!

Join our event and take the chance to visit the capital of Spain, taste the world famous Spanish Tapas and Sangría and experience by yourself one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in Europe!

We are waiting for you! Remember to apply and don’t waste the chance to develop yourself.

And as always;
We want you to go… MAD!