Founded in 1990, ESTIEM nowadays counts 79 member universities from 31 countries across Europe having a reach of 60 000 students. Yearly, more than 180 events focusing on academic development, skills development, competitions and intercultural exchanges are being organised across whole Europe.

Below is an overview of relevant activities organized by other local groups throughout Europe. 
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Europe3D Sweden, Lund

 Lund, Sweden       Event date:                      06-05-2019 to 12-05-2019            
 85                           Application period:          25-02 to 01-04 

Are you ready to explore everything that the greatest student city of Sweden has to offer?

We are of course talking about the city of Lund in the south of Sweden. After decades of war Sweden finally beat the Danes in 1658 and conquered the southern parts of Sweden, where Lund is situated. The Swedish king seized the opportunity to manifest the Swedish greatness and decided to found a university here in 1666, making Lund University one of the oldest in Scandinavia.

Historic events of significance have taken place in our city and many beautiful historic buildings remain. But what you would most associate Lund with today is, apart from the university and crazy student life, research and entrepreneurship. The academic environment has nurtured many international companies. In this city companies such as Tetra Pak, Astra Zeneca and Axis Communications saw daylight for the first time.

We are now ready to show you all what Lund and Sweden has to offer, in 3 dimensions.

Between the 6th and 12th of May we welcome you to Lund to have your minds expanded, your Swedish stereotypes confirmed and perhaps, be surprised.

During your week you will experience traditional Swedish activities such as crayfish-party, a Gala dinner in the shape of a sit-sit at a nation, Swedish traditions and culture. During the week we will also visit our neighbouring city and third biggest city in Sweden, Malmö, for a pub crawl!

Learn more about the values that Swedes hold on to and political views that outside of Sweden may seem extreme. How much tax do we pay? And what do we get out of it? Are we really that politically correct!? Equality is important for Swedes and we will of course make sure to incorporate that in our Europe3D packed with events and lots of fun.

Can’t wait! How do I get there? Take a 35 minutes direct train from Copenhagen Airport or a 45 minutes airport bus shuttle from Malmö Airport and you will arrive to the most amazing student city of Sweden.

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Oktoberfest Activity Week 2019, Munich

 Munich    Event date:                 23-09 to 29-09                                                                                                                                                                     

Participation fee 100 Application period Application period: 01-06 to 07-07

  With 6 million guests every year the Munich Oktoberfest undoubtedly is the mother of all beer festivals. The festival grounds cover 310,000 square meters and you can choose from 14 big beer tents with six different beer brands from Munich's best breweries.

This time we will expose you to Bavarian Culture like never before.

  • Celebrate with us in one of the most famous beer tents called “Heaven of the Bavarians”. It provides space for around 9,300 guests and is the size of a football pitch.
  • Drink your beer out of a huge mug that contains 1 liter from 09:00 am until 10:30 pm and continue with “After-Oktoberfest-Parties” – if you can.
  • Enjoy Bavarian Cuisine. From grilled pork sausages, oxen, roasted chicken and pork shanks to white sausages for breakfast.
  • Stand on ale-benches (means “beer-table”), having nice people in your arms to stabilize you while singing nasty German Songs.
  • Climb up a sunshine mountain, enjoy the sundown with a beer and spend the night on 1,300 meters.
  • Be inspired by the visions of BMW and immerse yourself in four interactive brand worlds that bring to life the fascinating journey of the individual premium mobility.
  • Strengthen and prove your acquired skills in a final Bavarian Tournament and return home with a glorious victory and the cherished “Oktoberfest Activity Week – Trophy”.

TIMES Final, Porto

 Porto     Event date:              24-03 to 29-03              

We are proud to announce that a small group of TPM participants have made it all the way to the TIMES final in Porto! There they will be competing against other European universities in a study case competition. So far they've made ESTIEM Delft very proud by reaching the final. 

Good luck in Porto and hopefully you'll be able to come home to Delft with the win secured!