Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (SEPAM) is an interdisciplinary master, directly following the bachelor at TPM. If you have a different background, you can apply for the SEPAM master as well. More information about the SEPAM master can be found via this link.

During the master you will learn how to solve large-scale and complex problems, using gained knowledge of technical matters and management. The education focusses on decision-making processes on the boundary between the governmental and private sector. The three main subjects are systems engineering, multi-actor network theory and domain technology. The programme chart, containing all of the courses in chronological order, can be found via this link.


As can be seen in the programme chart, you will have to choose a domain from the very start of the SEPAM master. The domains are the same as in the bachelor program of TPM: Transport and Logistics (T&L), Energy and Industry (E&I), Built Environment and Spatial Planning (B&S) and Information and Communication (I&C).


 You will also choose for a certain specialization during your master. These specializations aren’t exclusive for the SEPAM, but can also be followed by EPA- and MOT-students. The 8 predefined specializations are formed to replace a long list of optional courses at our faculty.  More information about the specialization can be found on the specializationpage of this site.


The thesis of SEPAM is worth 30 ECTS. In practice can be concluded that only a select group of students delivers within the 5 month period defined for their thesis. Due to political pressure to make students graduate faster, the faculty has started a program in which students can graduate within a group of students with similar theme’s. The increase in social control and discussion can help students stay motivated and finish their thesis in the predefined period. More information on the possibilities within the thesis and its procedures can be found on the graduationpage of this site. Graduation internships can be found on the internshippage.