The Management of Technology (MoT) programme learns you to explore and understand technology as a corporate resource - a resource that allows a firm to keep many different balls in the air. It shows how firms can use technology to design and develop products and services that maximise customer satisfaction on the one hand, while maximising corporate productivity, profitability and competitiveness on the other. This programme is accessible for students with a technical background and TPM students who have 30 ECTS of technical courses. More information on MoT can be found here.

The programme addresses challenging questions most companies face such as:

  • What technologies do we need and when?
  • Do we procure the technology we need with our own research capabilities, in collaboration with outside parties, or by acquiring it or licensing it from others?
  • How can we use the abundant technological opportunities to affect our mission, objectives and strategies?

To deal with these sorts of issues, one must have a Bsc degree in a field of technology or in the natural sciences.

The modulecharts of the MoT programme can be found here.

Integration Moment

The unique course, the integration moment, will be at the end of the first and second semester. In this course the knowledge and skills acquired during that semester will be applied to real-life business cases. In the Integration Moment, students will, for example, play a business game in which they are challenged to manage a decision-making process related to a complex, high technology project in a networked environment.

Specialisation and Electives

During the second year, you will be choosing a  specialization of 15 ECTS and 10 ECTS of electives. There are 8 specialization, where both CoSEM, MoT  and EPA-students can participate. Furthermore, the electives must be approved by the exam committee. Therefore, we would advise that, before your moment of choice,  you visit the graduation coordinator to determine which electives are meaningful for your master programme. The specializations can be found on the specialization page


The thesis of MoT is worth 30 ECTS. Management of Technology graduates learn to explore and understand how firms can use technology to design and develop products and services that contribute to improving outcomes, such as customer satisfaction, corporate productivity, profitability and competitiveness. More information on the possibilities within the thesis and its procedures can be found on the graduation portal. Graduation internships can be found here