The Engineering and Policy Analysis(EPA)-education program offers students an inspiring and challenging curriculum. The master program is accessible for students with a technical background. In this master program they will be learning about the policy side of new technologies. The contents of this program will be very similar with the bachelor of TPM, therefor it is not possible for TPM students to choose EPA as their master. More information about this master can be found here, enrollment is possible through the website of the TU Delft.

The focus of this curriculum lies on to analyzing and solving complex problems containing a lot of different stakeholders  with conflicting interests. This kind of problems need solutions not only based on the technical sides of the problem, but also responds to the social and political problem sides which may be caused by implementing the solution. The modulecharts of the EPA-program can be found here.

Specialization and Electives

During the second year you will be choosing a  specialization of 15 ECTS and 9 ECTS of electives. The electives must be approved by the exam committee. Therefor we would advise that, before your moment of choice,  you visit the graduation coordinator to determine which electives are meaningful for your thesis. The specializations can be found on the specialization page.  In total there are 8 specialization, where both SEPAM, MoT  and EPA-students can participate.

Special EPA-degrees

As an EPA-student you are given the chance to have a diploma that will be signed by two different universities. Such “Double –Degree Programs” are making it possible to study at two different universities at once. The Faculty of TPM has, in this context, established a partnership with the Harbin Institute of Technology at China (Harbin Double Degree) and different European universities as a part of the Erasmus Mundus Economics and Management of Network Industries (EMIN)-program.


There is a possibility for EPA-students to participate on theme groups during their graduation. More information about theme groups and other graduation procedures can be found  at the graduation page. Internships for EPA-students can be found here.