Faculty Student Counsil

Besides the study accosiation Curius there is also another body that deals with the sate of affairs at the faculty. The Faculty Student Council is a group of seven students from different years  that monitors the policies and actions of the faculty on behalf of students. We’ll be looking to the new plans regarding facilities and education from the perspective of the student.

At the time of cuts for education it’s important that the interests of the students are guaranteed. Through montly meetings with the dean, meetings with several groups and participating in several working groups it seeks damages for the students as limited as possible.

Feel free to contact us for questions, complaints, comments and criticisms. Send us a mail to fsr-tbm@tudelft.nl. Furthermore there are different ways to keep abreast of the FSR. First there is a Blackboard page where you can find the latest developments and important contents. Second there is a FSC board on the ground Floor (wing A) where you can find information about the FSC.

Do you want to be a part of the proces then sign up for FSC. Every year the FSC will be chosen by the students for a good representation of the sudents. De names of the FSC members is shown below, but maybe your name is next year in the list.