Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (BoS) TB and MSc BoS are bodies who advice the board of education for improving and maintaining the quality of education. Also, the BoS have the right of consent with regard to the examination and implementation regulations. This way the BoS hopes to monitor the quality of education to make sure students receive a valuable degree at the end of their studies. 
The BoS is formed by four students and several teachers, to serve both the interests of students and teachers. Besides this core of the BoS, the meetings are attended by a number of listeners; the Commissioners of BSc and MSc from Curius, the program directors and an employee from the Education & Student Affairs. Even though this audience have no right of approval, their presence is still important for the BoS for information providence and an efficient effect of the discussed issues. This means that the issues mentioned can be resolved quickly and efficiently, because they do come through directly from student to teacher of program director.
The BoS thus ensures the quality of education, but what does this mean concretely? Examples of issues where the BoS is being involved: the curriculum revision of the Bsc and Msc, the quality of the examinations and the response to the course evaluations. 
The strength of the BoS lies in the cooperation of students and teachers. Both represent different visions but have one common goal: to monitor and ensure quality of education. All this to ensure a good education for all students!