Built environment & Spatial development

B&R Association

Almost three years ago the idea came up to establish the B&R Association. The other three domains already had an association and because of the increasing number of students it became necessary to establish one for the Built Environment & Spatial Development (B&R in Dutch) domain. And so it happened: a couple of students took the initiative and organized its first activity in September of 2012.

B&R dispuut

Both bachelor and master students form the board of the B&R Association. Every six months the composition of the board changes: one or more students leave the board, while the others stay. This is important for maintaining the knowledge within the association. To complete the composition, some students are asked to become a part-time member of the board for the duration of a year.

The goals of the B&R Association are as follows. First and foremost the goal is to show students of the Built Environment & Spatial Development domain, which opportunities the domain offers during and after the study. Besides that we try to reduce the distance between students and teachers by making contact more accessible.  This is for example convenient when you need help with your bachelor/master thesis or with clarifying things that are not clear.  The last goal is to promote the domain. Organizing activities with companies is not only interesting for students, but also for the companies themselves.  They may benefit from bachelor or master theses and possibly even more than that!

We focus on organizing one activity every term and we try to keep them diverse. This means we organize a lot of different activities such as: workshops, excursions, speed dates with teachers, lectures en and a lot more. The speed dates with teachers are a yearly returning event at which a lot of students already have found a subject for their bachelor or master thesis.  Organizing these events are of course not possible without students, so feel free to come by or visit us on Facebook! (http://www.facebook.com/brdispuut)

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The B&R Dispute.

Sem Nouws, Daniël Brom & Mira Groot