Study network

Do you like to help other students within the curriculum? Or could you use some help with a certain topic like Python or SPSS? Then apply for the Curius study network!


Curius provides an online platform in Microsoft Teams, where students can be matched based on their offers and needs. Post your offer or request on which other students can respond. You can delete your post in a quick second when you no longer want to offer your services, or when you've been helped properly! In this way, a current overview of students who are looking for support or are willing to offer this, is obtained. Furthermore, they can be easily brought together! 
To join the study network, a few conditions apply. These can be read in the Code of Conduct, available in Teams.

Click here to join the Curius study network!
You need to be logged in with your TU account. 

Curius only provides a platform where students can come in touch with eachother. Curius is not responsible for the quality of the delivered services. It is your own responsibility to make clear (price) agreements and communicate well. This and more conditions are mentioned in the Code of Conduct, a seperate page in the Microsoft Teams platform.