CoSEM MSc thesis project

Graduation Assignment + TPM supervisor
Required language
Dutch, English
Commences at
07 January 2024
Finishes at
25 August 2024


Are you ready to start with your CoSEM MSc thesis project in Q3?
o Did you do your BSc TB with Energy & Industry as application domain?
o Did you enjoy modelling with Linny-R?

If 3x yes, then you might be interested in doing an MSc research project for TenneT
on one of the following topics:

Congestion Management
Strengthening the transmission network cannot keep pace with requests for new connections. Can TenneT as TSO
improve its congestion management processes, considering both the congestion for Load and for Generation?
What clear, objectively measurable criteria could be used that would permit more connections being realized?
And what policy changes are required in order to achieve the necessary acceleration?

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)
In its yearly adequacy assessment, TenneT as TSO indicates a preferred volume of BESS in the Dutch High voltage
(HV) Grid. How would a significant volume of BESS be best connected to the Dutch HV grid, and what would be the
optimal geographical configuration? Where is technical capacity available, and where would the grid benefit most
from integrating BESS? What would be the ideal market design for BESS? What policy or market design changes
should be put on the European agenda to secure the high levels of security of supply beyond 2030?

Load Steering App
Demand side steering could provide more time to reinforce the national and regional grids. The recent gas crisis has
clearly shown that industry and consumers are sensitive to prices, and can and are willing to change their behaviour.
In France, the grid operator RTE has developed an App that is used to reduce consumer electricity demand in order
for the French grid to be stable and adequate. How would such an adequacy app look like (functional requirements)?
What grid/consumption data is required to launch such an app in the Dutch context? What kind of implementation
process would be required to have a successful implementation of this app? And what would be the potential realistic
impact per region when implemented?

Bidding Zone Configuration
Within the European context, ENTSO-E is executing a bidding zone review, based on the Clean Energy Package1. What would be the consequences for TenneT when they have to implement a new bidding zone configuration, both onshore and offshore? How would this affect market design, systems operations, capacity calculation processes, and socio-economic welfare? What would be a realistic implementation schedule for such a system change, and what would be the stakeholder analysis and stakeholder forcefield assessment?

Are you qualified and interested?

Please contact Pieter Bots (office B1.170, e-mail: