Research project: Experience and challenge sharing platform for house users

TU Delft
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We are currently looking for a master student to work as Research Assistant on a research project.

Project summary:

House users are not currently able to easily exchange their experiences, challenges, and preferences with respect to the energy systems of their house. They can do it only sometimes individually with the owner, asset manager, or a new user of the house. This project addresses this issue by the design of an online platform/website where house users can share the experiences of the current situation or of an intervention in their energy systems. This online platform also aims to enable house users to share possible challenges that they may be facing in their house or to communicate their preferences with regard to the energy systems of the house. It can provide a useful tool to multiple stakeholders: house tenants, house owners, real-estate agents, researchers, policymakers, etc. It also aims to make the real estate market more informative and transparent, policies for the built environment more inclusive, and to speed up a fair energy transition for all.

• studies in a discipline related to energy management, or to energy systems design, or other relevant discipline;
• knowledge in statistical analysis;
• experience with setting up websites;
• enthusiastic about energy transition;
• interest or experience with research collaboration with other project partners as a team player;
• high motivation and a curious and critical mind-set;
• good communication skills in English;
• knowledge of Dutch will be a plus.


The Research Assistant will be involved in a field research for collecting data about current experiences, challenges and preferences of house users with respect to the energy systems of their house. He/she will set up an online platform/website to present the related data collected.

Conditions of employment:

Hours per week: 24 hours/week, or 12 hours/week (in case of part time)
Starting from: middle February or beginning of March 2023 (the starting date can be flexible)
Payment on hourly basis
Duration: 2-4 months (depending on full- or part-time)

Apply as soon as possible by sending an email with a short motivation letter and your CV to Özge Okur, (Email subject: Research assistant application).