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“Missing piece in the problem puzzle”

Real-life problems are complex puzzles. The news has plenty of examples: the underlying problem of the train strikes is not solved, with train cancellations becoming the norm due to limited staff. Winter is coming, and compensations relieve the increasing gas and energy bills but do they address the underlying limited supply problem? It happens too often: 'solutions' to complex problems may not consider the root causes and may worsen the problem. A thorough analysis of the problem situation is needed to improve how to manage real-life problems’ complexity.

Vacature: 11 student-assistenten TB211 Analyse van Multi-ActorSystemen (2e jaar TB; feb – apr 2023)

For the second-year TB bachelor course Analysis of Multi-ActorSystems (TB211), we are looking for eleven Dutch teaching assistants to supervise students in their project work. Your main tasks will be to give feedback on partial assignments and discuss them with the students. You will support students’ work under the supervision of one of the six lecturers on the teaching team. The course runs from early February to the end of April. We expect you to be available for about eight hours a week (with a peak in the first half of the period and at the end). Your salary depends on the number of credits you have obtained and will be paid by FlexDelft. Have you completed TB211 with a good result, and are you interested in becoming a student assistant? Then contact the module manager of the course, Juliette Cortes, no later than 30 November,