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PRIMECH & TU Delft Mechanics teachers social club

PRIMECH stands for PRogramme of Innovation in MECHanics education. It is an interfaculty project started in October 2021. PRIMECH aims at innovating Mechanics Bachelor courses in TU Delft. More about PRIMECH can be found here.

PRIMECH believes that teachers have an essential role in innovating Mechanics education, being the ones not only teaching the subject content, but also structuring the course they deliver, deciding the learning objectives and choosing the learning activities.

For these reasons, PRIMECH is starting a Mechanics teachers social club, where all the Mechanics Teachers of TU Delft can meet; share, develop and maintain knowledge and tools to improve their professional practice; and start collaborating on new exiting educational projects.

The Mechanics teacher social club is built on the Community of Practice (CoP) model. “CoPs are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly” (E.&B. Wenger-Trayner, 2015). These people:

As PRIMECH, we want to create a CoP of Mechanics teachers based on:
• Autonomy & Agency: teachers are encouraged and supported in their initiatives.
• Competence: teachers are welcome to share their knowledge and best/innovative teaching practices, learning from each other. The PRIMECH team can provide extra knowledge and training when necessary/requested.
• Reletedness: teachers feel part the group, as they share values, views, goals, interests, experiences and problems.

Your goal as a Teaching Assistant is to help the community to flourish. You will be part of the PRIMECH Team, and closely collaborate with the other team members to moderate the online collaboration space for teachers, organise offline group sessions, prepare products for knowledge documentation and sharing and participate in frequent PRIMECH team meetings. Candidates should be available from September 2022.


Your goal as a Teaching Assistant is to help the community to flourish. Together with the rest of the PRIMECH team, you will:

-Moderate the online collaboration space (in MS Team) for Mechanics teachers to access information and resources, and communicate with one another:
• Coordinate recruitment and confirmation of the MS Team members.
• Post content in a timely manner (i.e. announcements, resources, activity documentation) and manage files.
• Moderate e-discussions.
• Source questions and requests from the community in order to identify community needs.

-Organise offline community's group sessions:
• Schedule community sessions (invite teachers, take care of the logistics such as ordering catering and booking location).
• Invite topic experts, when needed.
• Design and develop workshop activities, based on needs identified by the community.
• Deliver and facilitates the workshop activities.
• Take notes and prepare sessions summaries.

-Prepare products for knowledge documentation and sharing:
• Prepare overviews, graphics and visualisations, pulling from the discussion summaries.
• Develop content for the monthly newsletter.

-Participate in PRIMECH team meetings (min 2 hrs per week).


• IDE student, preferably from the design for interaction master track or TPM student, preferably from the complex systems engineering and management master track.
• Ideally previous experience in service design techniques, especially in developing and facilitating workshops (brainstorming) activities
• English and Dutch proficiency.
• Experience with MS Teams, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
• Effective communication and collaboration skills.
• Self-organization and time management.
• Curiosity, especially toward bachelor engineering education and towards community-based professional development.
• Autonomy and Proactivity.
• Professionalism.
• Analytical and critical thinking

• The possibility of working remotely 60% of the time.
• The opportunity to develop key professional skills such as community facilitation and management.
• A welcoming and collaborative working environment with the rest of the PRIMECH team.

PRIMECH is hiring a TA with a minimum availability of 9 months. Candidates should be available from September 2022.
After selection, the introduction period and your first training, you will work for 8-16 hours/week. These are flexible hours. The employment contract is administered via Flex Delft.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume or LinkedIn link to Marta Gavioli, PRIMECH project leader, m.gavioli@tudelft.n