Career Vision

For students:

What is Career Vision?

Are you tired of receiving spam, but interested in information about interesting companies for your career? Career Vision offers you the possibility to explore possible career perspectives, and to make sure you do not miss anything. Based on your interests, you receive information about companies in specific sectors. In this way you can follow all developments and events which are relevant for your career.

What to do?

Enable the option "Career Vision" under "My Profile" and make sure your e-mail adress is correct.

What's in it for you?

You will receive relevant information about company requiting events, such as business-courses, inhouse days and workshops from the moment you registered for Career Vision. Furthermore, information supplied by relevant companies about internships and traineeships is shared with you. In this way we try to facilitate that students can orient themselves as best as possible on their future labour market. All relevant information with one click in your mailbox, without the need to submit your Curriculum Vitea.

For companies:

The scope of Career Vision:

Career Vision is a foundation in which four Dutch study associations for Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering and Management cooperate. With this cooperation Career Vision reaches about 6000 students. The goal of the foundation is to provide students with the possibility to easily learn about their career perspectives through a mailing service.

Strengths of Career Vision:

The ability for students to reveal their interest, makes that students appreciate the information they receive, and not consider it as spam. For companies this provides the possibility to target specific groups of students based on their interest and send them information about inhouse days, business courses, internships and traineeships. Furthermore it is also possible to select students on the phase of their study.

For more information you can get in touch with the commissioner of external relations.
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