Starter function: junior researcher on Responsible Metal Industry

Social Innovation for Sustainable Treatment of European Metals
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Looking for a junior researcher on Responsible Metal Industry

0,4 fte, 1 September 2020, throughout 31 December 2021. 

For the European project ‘Social Innovation for Sustainable Treatment of European Metals’ (SISTEM), we are looking for a junior researcher, preferably a recently graduated PhD candidate or someone in the latest stage of his/her PhD thesis project. Alternatively, an MSc graduated student with high grades and proven qualities could apply too. 

The research will consist of a conceptual and an empirical part. In the conceptual part, the researcher will identify and formulate Key Performance Indicators for assessing the performance and responsibility of the Metals and Minerals industry in Europe. In the empirical part, the researcher will assess the impact of the industry according to these criteria; this will be done in interviews and in conjunction with several educational activities of the M&M Industry. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate from social sciences or humanities or graduated in an interdisciplinary Master program, such as COSEM, EPA, or Industrial Ecology, who is familiar with the discussions on sustainability and circularity. The candidate should further have proven credentials for carrying out interviews and doing surveys and have good research and writing skills, also in English.. The employment will be for 0,4 fte, for a period of 16 months. Since the geographic focus of the research is Spain, bilingual candidate who also speak Spanish will be preferred. The work could include field work in the south of Spain (Andalusia). The researcher will be employed in the Section of Ethics & Philosophy of Technology, in the Department of Values, Technology and Innovation at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. 

The junior researcher will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Literature review on sustainability and responsibility performance in the mining industry
  • Development of indicator framework for assessing performance and responsibility
  • Conducting interviews and surveys and analyzing results
  • Applying the framework to the results
  • Writing report and paper(s) on the work done in collaboration with supervisors

More information, you could send an email to Behnam Taebi

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