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An exciting opportunity for a Graduate Engineers in the New Energies Team


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There has never been a more exciting time to work in the energy industry. Starting your career in Shell, you’ll have a part to play in uniquely innovative projects which will provide unbeatable experience.

As a graduate within the Technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme you can expect an industry-leading two to three-year learning programme, offering real responsibilities, challenges and continued professional development. It’s a great introduction to the exciting world of Engineering and a chance for you to gain insights into some of Shell’s most pioneering projects and operations. You'll benefit from formal training and continuous coaching will shape you into an accomplished professional.

As part of Shell’s global network of professionals, you'll have the chance to work alongside some of the industry’s leading visionaries and work with cutting-edge technologies.


Graduate Engineer in the New Energies Team

As the largest energy provider in the Netherlands, NAM has a key role to play in the Dutch Energy Transition. Besides a strong focus on a fit-for-future gas business – NAM’s core business – a small New Energy team has been established to develop and implement opportunities that test the energy business models of the future. The portfolio of New Energy Opportunities focuses on activities that are a natural extension of NAM’s core business, strengthen NAM’s license to operate, and leverage synergies with existing knowledge/expertise, assets or locations.


The New Energies Delivery team in NAM is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that selected New Energy Opportunities are matured from inception to final investment and delivery
  • Building relationships and actively managing interfaces with relevant stakeholders and potentially leading joint venture project teams including members from corporate, administrative and/or entrepreneurial backgrounds
  • Actively promoting and driving new ways of working and building a capability base for NAM’s new energy aspirations.

It is NAM’s aspiration to have taken FID or executed New Energy projects worth more than EUR 50 mln in NL with focus on Groningen (in the period 2018-2022) and that by 2025 new energy investments deliver a significant part (>20%) of NAM’s revenues.


The main New Energy business themes for NAM are:

  • Energy Efficiency Improvement,
  • Integrating existing offshore gas with future offshore wind power generation ("Gas meets Wind"),
  • Geothermal energy
  • Power to Gas (eg Hydrogen - including storage).
  • Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)
  • Any further large-scale energy storage opportunities that fit NAM’s current operations (such as CAES).

Opportunities are characterised by a combination of technologies new for NAM (or the Shell organisation), technology innovation through pilots, establishing partnerships with organisations that are often new to NAM, complex external stakeholder landscapes and non-standard commercial and financing set-ups.

What we have to offer


to You will support a wide range of pilot projects, often with external partners, with a clear view on the longer-term business goals. Creativity in delivery models and financing is strongly encouraged, without compromising NAM’s core values.

This is what you can expect:

  • Making sure each project has a clearly articulated business model and help facilitate the associated workshops.
  • Focal point for ‘business coaches’ in NAM (employees from different parts of the company that have volunteered to facilitate new energy projects in their operational environment).
  • Look for replication opportunities in existing assets based on the experience in the ongoing GZI pilot project.
  • Focal Point for follow-up to NAM70 Challenge
  • NAM representative in external studies (SEREH, HydroGreenn, Nsystra) 


And anything else that comes our way! This is a very dynamic work environment with room to develop personally and professionally in the energy business.

Who we’re looking for

  • Ambitious graduate (0-3 yrs work experience) pursuing or holding a Master degree in Engineering (e.g. Mechanical, Aerospace, SET, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Physics, etc.)
  • Dutch language skills preferred.


Ready to apply?

Information on our global selection criteria (Capacity, Achievements and Relationships) and our graduate selection process can be found on:

  • Leadership development – you’ll have the opportunity to progress globally while developing and diversifying your role to meet your full potential
  • Support – you’ll have a strong support network to help you succeed. Supervisors, coaches, mentors and professional experts will help you monitor and track your progress
  • Social and Young Professional Events – Shell organises many professional events and there are also lots of social events, sports, etc.

When submitting your application please choose Discipline Engineering as preferred area of interest.