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BART! – Participation for improving liveability, resilience and safety

TU Delft is one of the partners of the BART! research project, where we research how citizens, municipality and police can work together to improve the liveability, resilience and safety of a neighbourhood. We study the neighbourhood of Escamp (The Hague) or Ypenburg (The Hague) as cases. Within this project, close collaboration with the municipality of The Hague is possible.

The neighbourhood context, in which citizens live together, interact and solve local issues is a complex system. We would like to work together with a graduation student to analyse the complex neighbourhood context in Escamp and Ypenburg, and from this analysis formulate a solution space to improve the liveability of this neighbourhood.

BART! will for example address the following questions: What kind of citizens are living in Escamp or Ypenburg? How can these citizens be brought together in a meaningful way? What is the role of the municipality/police in the neighbourhood? What liveability or safety issues do these citizens face? How do citizens view their role and action space in solving these issues? And what would be opportunities for improving liveability, resilience and safety?

Are you interested and would you like to discuss the opportunities further? Please contact us for a meeting.


Geertje Slingerland

Stephan Lukosch

Tina Comes

Frances Brazier


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