We present you, the Master Committee of study year 2018/2019! We, the MaCo, organize fun and professional activities for all master students. Ugly sweater drinking games, go-karting with companies, formal company dinners or  inhouse days; we offer it all! We put our heart in these activities to give our master students the opportunity to get to know each other and to get to know interesting future employers.

Jasper, MOT student,  is our president. With a smile on his face he organizes our meetings, sets our agenda and makes sure we brainstorm about the most fun activities to set up for you. He owns a crop top ugly Christmas sweater and makes sure we all remember when we are supposed to meet up. Furthermore, he makes sure we have a wonderful time as a committee by organizing fun committee nights filled with food, drinks and laughter.

Birgit, CoSEM student, is our secretary. Furiously typing she makes sure every word of our meetings is recorded and keeps everyone posted about developments and new e-mails. She keeps track of everyone’s tasks and thinks in practicalities. However, she is not all serious. Whenever we organize fun activities, she will be the first to practice her beer-pong skills, karaoke talents or pub-quiz knowledge.

Marissa, CoSEM student, is our thesaurus. This half Dutch, half American girl is all about the money in our committee. Every free beer that we want to give you goes through her. However, so far she has never said ‘no’ and our budget is always on point.  She makes sure you can enjoy our great events for as little money as possible, because let’s be fair, we are all broke students.

Igor, MOT student, is our commissioner logistics. Whenever we organize events, Igor is the guy responsible for the logistics on the day itself. He will make sure you find the beer, the professional or the presentation you have to go to and that everyone gets what they need. Furthermore, Igor likes to plea for free committee lunches during our meetings, unfortunately without success so far.  The rest of the committee is still rooting for his plea to be heard though.

Ruurd, CoSEM student, is our  commissioner companies. This guy will stalk every company imaginable until they say yes to everything. Within a split second of starting this committee we had companies lined up for inhouse days, company dinners and fun events. Name a company and Ruurd is calling them before you can finish your sentence!

Swaathi, MOT student, is our commissioner promotion. She gets  everyone excited about whatever we organise and she makes sure we never have a lack of enthusiasm for our events. Posters Facebook posts, WhatsApp messages, or simple mouth to mouth communication she will make sure everyone knows what is happening, when and how much fun it is going to be.  

Sebastian is our QQ’er, makes sure that everything we do is line with the goals of Curius. He is always there and provides us with super useful tips and ideas. Best QQ’er ever! Our only critique is that he keeps saying ‘no’ to free committee lunches … ????


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