The International Business Trip is an organized trip in one of Europe’s most prominent cities from an economic, cultural and technological point of view. This year’s trip will be from the 9th to the 15th of March. The first two days will be in the Netherlands, while the remaining five will be in a city that will be announced later. During the trip we will visit companies, explore the city, and share a beer with each other.

This year’s committee is firmly committed to organizing an amazing business trip to enlarge visions, expand horizons and provide participants with an amazing experience.

The committee is a heterogeneous group of Master Students, consisting of both Dutch and international students. The different educational backgrounds also provide different fields of interest, expertise, ideas and skills. They are here presented with their function in the committee:
President: Maurits Verheijen, CoSEM: always making sure the committee is working well, Maurits is also focused in guaranteeing that even during the preparation of the trip we have fun together!
Secretary: Eva Brink, EPA: One of two Portuguese woman in the group, next to working hard for the IBT, she is also active as a Dentatus board member.
Treasurer: Alexa Petit, CoSEM: a friendly Dutch girl always up for a beer with the group, always provides for the team and dominating it on the tennis court.
Commissioner for Companies: Mariana Vieira, MOT: The second Portuguese woman in the group. Besides being able to contact all the important companies very seriously, she still shares good laughs with the committee!
Commissioner for Logistics: Ashok Willis, EPA: Aka Mr. Worldwide came all the way from South-Africa to Holland to organize another trip abroad.
Curius Board Member: Annelotte Andeweg, QQ: last but not least, our Curius spy! One of the most enthusiastic girls in Delft, with her spirit she can even make Maarten van Rossem smile.

The committee easily got together and has already started planning the trip. The output flow has been consistent so far and plans on keeping up with good work for the foreseeable future. The weekly meetings have been so far successful, with each of the members completing their individual tasks. The mutual understanding and discussion on various topics are providing the groups with different, reasoned and doable proposals. This attitude will be the key to avoid groupthink and group polarization effects.

The destination has been unanimously set, and everybody is excited to organize a great business trip. The choice of the destination has been done according to the following criteria:
- Companies
- Price
- Location general attractiveness
- Activities
- Transportation

Despite the different background and different knowledge, the good sharing of knowledge and cooperation between members already looks productive, since members are learning from each other as well.

The choice of the companies to visit will be done according to the following criteria:
- Company business field
- Company attractiveness for students
- Company funding

Since both the committee and the participants have different interest, the types of companies to visit will be varied but nonetheless, interesting, meaningful and impactful as a personal experience.
The goals of the trip are already clear and the committee is firmly convinced in their ability to achieve them, for both our sake and the participants’. The business trip must be exciting, both to see how some companies work, but to discover a new city and a different lifestyle. We expect to organize an enriching and worth-remembering trip, that will leave something to the participants and help them in their future careers.

We hope to see you at the destination announcement @tb-café after the Christmas holidays and (even better!) sharing a beer during our trip!!

Xoxo IBT committee 2020"

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