The International Business Trip is an organized trip in one of Europe’s most prominent cities from an economical, cultural and technological point of view. This year’s trip will be from the 12th to the 18th of March. The first two days will be in the Netherlands, while the remaining five will be in a city that will be announced later. During the trip we will visit companies, explore the city, and share a beer with each other.

This year’s committee is firmly committed to organizing an amazing business trip to enlarge visions, expand horizons and provide participants with an amazing experience.

The Committee is an heterogeneous group of Master Students, made of both Dutch and international students. The different educational backgrounds also provide different fields of interest, expertise, ideas and skills. They are here presented with their function in the committee:

  • President: Joep Van Der Weijden, COSEM: he is our dutch playboy, always planning and organizing something and pushing the group together.
  • Thesaurier: Meyke Nering Bögel, EPA: a friendly dutch girl always up for a beer with the group, always provides for the team.
  • Secretaris: Roberto Canale, MOT: the italian chef of the group, always providing good food for the group.
  • Commissioner for Companies: Martijn Kemper, MOT: he is the rebel of the group, never remembers when’s the next meeting and often arrives late, but we know he doesn’t do it on purpose.

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