IBT 2019 – Vienna & Bratislava!

The International Business Trip (IBT) took place from the 4th till the 10th of March. The first to days we visited companies within the Netherlands, such as Accenture, Stork & Magnus consultancy.  After these very interesting visits it was time to travel by train to two of Europe’s most prominent cities: Vienna & Bratislava! These cities were truly amazing! Both business and cultural wise these cities had lots to offer, which resulted in great IBT!

The committee that organized this trip consisted of an heterogeneous group of Dutch and international master students. They are presented with their function in the committee.

President: Nienke Jorna, COSEM: As leader of the ‘gezellige’ committee, Nienke made sure everyone was still one track of their to do’s!

Secretary: Muneeb Ijaz, MOT: Thanks to our ‘Pakistany Brother’ all communication went smoothly!
Treasurer: Vlad Mengher, COSEM: This Italian man made sure every euro contributed to this amazing trip!
Commissioner Logistics: Martijn van Vliet, EPA: Without his logistical masterpiece we couldn’t have made the journey between 3 countries, 5 cities and several modes of transport.
Commissioner Companies: Annabel de Goede, EPA: ‘The mother of the group’ and the best commissioner Companies you could wish for!
Curius Board Member: Lukas Marthaler: With his vibe and connections this man made sure we had a great time during our meetings and the trip!

We all really enjoyed organizing this years International Business Tour to Vienna & Bratislava and hope the participants enjoyed the trip as much as we did!

-IBT  Committee 2019


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