President: Carmel de Nies
Secretary: Laura Crowley
Treasurer: Anurag Arora
Commissioner of Activities: Daniel Gudmundsson
Qualitae Qua: Joerie Kluijtmans

The Freshman Committee organises activities for all first year TPM master students in the first period of the college year. Starting a masters in TPM is an exciting time and FreshCo is here to make sure everyone gets the most possible out of the social life in MOT, EPA and CoSEM! This year our events included the annual TPM introduction BBQ, CoSEM Indonesian dinner, Ommen night, Bowling, Pub Crawl in The Hague and bouldering!

Introducing the stars of FreshCo:

  • President, Carmel de Nies (CoSEM): is tasked with creating agendas, running meetings and generally managing the FreshCo. Her leadership style could be described as “The Visionaire” as she motivates members with a vision to aspire to.
  • Secretary, Laura Crowley (EPA): is in charge of communication both internally (recording meeting minutes) and externally (promotion to our students). Her photoshop skills and persuasive vocabulary have brought FreshCo into the lives of students at TPM.
  • Treasurer, Anurag Arora (MOT): keeps track of all of our expenses and makes us stick to the budget. Anurag uses his management skills and #FastMaths to divide the budget across all our activities and secure the best value for students.
  • Commissioner of Activities, Daniel Gudmundsson (CoSEM): is responsible for providing inspiration for all of our activities from Beer Pong to Hammerschalgen to bouldering! He also designed our cool t-shirts to keep us looking fresh on the job.
  • QQer, Joerie Kluijtmans: is secretary of the 27th board and is the connection between Curius and FreshCo. Our committee would be lost without Joerie’s unlimited TPM knowledge and generally keeping us at the top of our game! He claims the title “Best Bowler of FreshCo 2019” with a high score of 106.

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