President: Shashank Ramkumar 
Secretary: Max Sliwinsky
Treasurer: Manoviraj Singh Shergill
Commissioner of Logistics: Francien Baijanova
Commissioner of Promo: Nikita Belliapa
Qualitae Qua: Nena Schenk

The Freshman Committee of Curius or ‘FreshCo’ as we like to call ourselves organises activities and events for the first year TPM master students for the first period of the college year. Starting a master in a new country, university and faculty can be challenging. Hence, FreshCo’s main aim is to make these challenging times more exciting, fun and social for all the students. 

Despite the novel COVID-19 crisis, FreshCo is committed to organising COVID-friendly events to make sure you get to know your fellow cohorts and make some lasting memories in the Netherlands.

Let us introduce ourselves:

  1. President, Shashank Ramkumar (MOT):  The President of the FreshCo is Shashank Ramkumar. A very enthusiastic and funny guy, who is a very dedicated FreshCo member. Although his knee is making him a bit more slow these days, his smile makes every meeting extra fun. Be aware of his special talent: Shashank is an incredible Dutch speaker! 

  2. Secretary, Max (MOT): The most versatile Secretary any committee could have hoped for. He utilizes his MOT skills in setting the most optimized agenda and clear minutes of the meetings and follows up on everything, prompting the nickname mad max in the nicest way possible helping us have a good time ;)

  3. Treasurer, Manoviraj (CoSEM): sets the budgets for the activities and controls the money flows. With his quick maths, our moneyman Manoviraj manages the bills and simultaneously creates the best value for the students!

  4. Commissioner of Promotions, Nikita Beliappa(MOT): Hailing from the ‘Scotland of India’ Nikita is the most creative Commissioner of Promotions we could ask for. Her design skills and persuasive penmanship have led to our events being such a success! 

  5. Commissioner of Logistics, Francien Baijanova(EPA): She is the most enthusiastic member of our team and also the Commissioner of Logistics. Francien’s cheerful attitude (despite slipping on sanitizer at Jumbo) and detailed organisational skills add great value to all social activities.

  6. QQ’er, Nena: is the president of the 28th Curius board and is the connection between Curius and FreshCo. With her knowledge and connections, she helps us to find ideas and solutions to hold events during the corona situation. It seems an impossible task sometimes, but because of her, we rock our way through! 


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