About Curius

Curius is the student association for students studying at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Almost all students join Curius every year! Curius strives to offer an optimal environment for the development of its members. The core practices of Curius can be described as follows:

Information exchange

  • Between student and faculty
  • Between student and employment options

Organising activities

  • Study-related
  • Entertaining

Facilities in the faculty

  • Quality of education
  • Communication
  • Book sales
  • Alumni

Curius is a young, diverse and dynamic student association. Over the past few years, Curius has strengthend its foundation in the faculty of TPM and in Delft. Since Curius is celebrating her twentyeight birthday this year, it is time to profile ourselves as a grown-up and professional organisation.

The Board of Curius can be found daily in the Curius office, located in wing A, ground floor. The board can always be addressed for any questions, concerns or complaints about your education. Apart from that, any initiatives for new ideas and improvements are always appreciated. And above all, we have free coffee and tea for everyone, including a positive atmosphere!

Hope to see you often!

The 28th Board of S.V.T.B. Curius